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Kuta has almost everything you can ever imagine – one of Bali’s signature beaches, a wide variety of shopping, great food and some amazing bars.

And like every place in Bali, there’s always those hidden gems, tucked away in a corner, unnoticed by even the sharpest eye. 


So do you really know all there is to do in Kuta?

Here’s 17 things to do that you must check out if you haven’t!

1. Make a big splash – Waterbom Bali

One super fun thing to do with your friends or family? Head to Waterbom for a day (or more) packed with many thrilling activities!

If you’re here with family – kids can get pretty cranky in the Bali heat. So cool them off with a day at this incredible waterpark – that happens to be number one in Asia and number 3 in the world!


With 22 rides and attractions available, including a swimming pool with a swim-up bar – whether you want to relax, eat and drink, or go absolutely crazy on all the fantastic rides – then Waterbom Bali has it all.


The Boomerang

What is your favourite kind of ride? The kids (or kidults :p ) might have a ton of fun challenging each other on the latest Fast ‘n’ Fierce ride with 2 open slides positioned side by side – so challengers get to slide ‘n’ race all the way down!


Fast ‘n’ Fierce (Photo via Waterbom Bali)

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, have a go on Climax – we dare you! Stand in a small chamber before the trap door opens, and you plummet 16 metres down a near vertical drop. Fly through the rest of the ride at 70kph, and don’t forget to breathe again when you get to the end.


Climax (Photo via Waterbom, Bergmannx)


For something a little more educational, head to Flowrider, where you can learn to surf the waves – if you have never learnt to! (We have surfer friends who love the flowrider too!) Whether you want to surf standing up or laying down, the choice is entirely yours (and you just might be able to bring your new surfing skills to a safe beach!).



Finally, make sure to check out the lazy river! In the baking afternoon heat, there is nothing better than floating through the gorgeous park and enjoying the cool refreshing water – the perfect opportunity to relax after all those heart-stopping rides!

lazyriver1Lazy River (Photo via Waterbom Bali)

When you’re hungry after an amazing day of water fun, there are restaurants available in Waterbom with different types of delicious cuisines.

Better yet, there’s a super convenient cashless payment system you can use to pay for your food! (All you need to do is simply charge your wristband by topping it up at various points in the park.)

Any day spent at Waterbom Bali, is sure to be one of your favourite days in Bali!

2. Looking for the perfect bar to drink up? – The Bush Telegraph Pub, The Boardwalk

2-a. Be lured in by the giant reptile at the door – The Bush Telegraph Pub

Be lured in by the giant reptile at the door, inviting you to come in for a drink at this Australian pub.


Photo via nicsticks

One of Bali’s unique bars, The Bush Telegraph Pub gives you a taste of the Australian culture of food and of course, beer.

With decorations to replicate an experience as though you’re in Aussie, don’t be surprised if someone walks up to you and calls you “mate’’.

4. Bush Telegraph crocodile and beer via Ellen Booth

Photo via: Ellen Booth

If music is a big consideration when deciding on dinners, The Bush provides live music entertainment that you and your buddies can enjoy.

4. Bush Telegraph performance via Rai Suratni

Photo via: Rai Suratni

Attached to the Bali Garden Resort, the Boardwalk offers a slightly more upscale choice for an oceanside tipple or two.


Photo via: Bali Garden Beach Resort

The chic boutique atmosphere and gorgeous tropical beach pavilion make the Boardwalk perfect for a relaxed, romantic rendezvous without the sky high prices.


Photo via: Jarno  N, Jenny Lim

The wicker chairs also provide a comfortable spot to overlook the beach in any weather, and the attentive staff will make sure to keep the drinks flowing.


Photo via: bellacherry

It also offers live entertainments from acoustic music performance to fire dance performance.


Photo via: simonjhubbard

For food choices, the Mediterranean-inspired menu offers great value – with bar snacks from $3, local beers from $2, fresh juices from $2, and cocktails from $6.


Photo via: Pernillewilby, Pasha Obladaet, Nicolaloots

The Boardwalk at Bali Garden


3. Check out this abandoned plane in the middle of nowhere

You can find the most random things in Bali, and yes, that means stumbling upon an abandoned plane somewhere in the middle of Kuta.

One of the most queer attractions of Kuta (and there’s always more to be discovered), this Boeing 737 that used to fly across the horizons is now laid to rest at this spot near Dunkin Donut. See this on Google Maps!


Photo via: yv8ne_

No one knows for sure why it’s there. Some say the owner originally wanted to turn it into a home. Others say it was made for a tourist attraction but was abandoned due to lack of developmental funds.

2. Abandoned Plane from imgur.com

Photo via: imgur

Well… regardless of what it is, if you’re near the area, don’t forget to head on there to explore and take a few pictures!

4. Count the passing planes at Kelan Beach’s Sunset

You can’t say you’ve been to Bali without heading to the beach for the sunset.

So why not go the extra mile and try to catch a plane in the shot?

3. Kelan Beach Sunset via Flickr by Bandem Suandi

Photo via: Flickr by Bandem Suandi

It’s not a difficult task at Kelan beach near the airport – one of the best sunset places in Bali!

3. Kelan Beach by Eka Purna

Photo via: Eka Purna

Chill out to the sound of passing planes right before the magical moment.

3. Kelan-Sunset-location-beside-runway- by Made Suwita

Photo via: Made Suwita

Kelan Beach’s Sunset

5. Take part in the upcoming bustling Kuta Karnival in October

Join the whole of Kuta in the yearly Kuta Karnival celebrations!

19. Kuta Karnival Parade by indosurflife.com

Photo via: Indo Surf Life

For one weekend only, the fun in Kuta intensifies with various activities such as movie screenings, sand castle competitions, cultural parades showcasing Bali’s folk costumes and many more.

19. Kuta Karnival art and sand castle by ahram.org.eg, alochonaa.wordpress.com

Photo via: Ahram, Alochonaa

And of course, what’s a carnival without food?

Food stalls will be scattered all along the beach, serving up your favourite Indonesian cuisine, Western dishes, and of course, lots of beer!

19. Kuta Karnival Food by bookndeal.com

Photo via: Book ‘N Deal

It’s a huge beach party that everyone is invited to, so mark your calendars and save the date for this year’s Karnival in October!

Kuta Karnival

6. Experience 3D Trick Art around the world at Dream Museum Zone Bali

3D has been in trend since the birth of 3D-experience television.

At the Dream Museum Zone Bali, you can be a part of this movement and have your own fun with various interactive background!


Photo via clarahalimy

Capture shots of things you cannot do in real life, such as sitting near a blood-craving shark or a tyrannosaurus rex!

10. DMZ collage by bliwayantoursguidedibali.blogspot.com, Agungdiah, kebaliyuk

Photo via: Bli Wayan Tours Guide Dibali,  Agungdiah, Kebaliyuk

You can feel like a Disney princess and sing, “And at last I see the light” while re-enacting the beautiful lantern scene from Tangled.

Do remember to bring a fully charged camera to last the 120 backdrops that will bring you around the world.

7. Explore an old steam train

You won’t need a ticket to catch this train – it’s permanently parked at the Station of Kuta (in front of the Kuta Station Hotel), and will always be waiting for you to come and visit!

7. Kuta Train

An easy sight to spot while walking along the streets of Kuta towards Discovery Mall, this is no toy train – it’s actually an old steam train that used to chug and choo, thanks to burning coal!

You can also explore the front cabin, and don’t forget to snap a few pictures for keepsake (it’s free to enter the train!).

8. Give back to nature and release baby sea turtles

The beach is shared by both animals and humans alike, but our large presence can sometimes do the animals more harm than good.

But thanks to the people at the Bali Sea Turtle Society, this balance of nature and human life is not interrupted.

Here’s a chance to play your part – you can release these baby sea turtles that have been saved back into their natural habitat, similar to what you can do at the Turtle Education and Conservation Center (TCEC) in the island of  Pulau Serangan, or at Gili Meno, an exotic island off the main coast of Bali.

13. Sea turtle release by baliseaturtlesociety.com, Flickr

Photo via: Flickr, Bali Sea Turtle Society

Watch as the cute baby turtles waddle back to sea and start their new life.

At at the end of it, mark the experience by taking a photo with this huge sea turtle!

13. Giant sea turtle by kutaseaturtle.com

Photo via: Kuta Sea Turtle

Bali Sea Turtle Society

9. When in Kuta, don’t miss these fabulous themed restaurants – Nebula Restaurant, Cosmic Diner, Warung D’Sawah

9-a. Return to the 60’s – Cosmic Diner

Step back in time the moment you enter.


At Cosmic Diner, you are greeted with the checkered floor, neon jukebox, red-cushioned steely bar stools and retro-décor that keeps your eyes busy.



Photo via lismakeupbali

How about the nom noms?

You get the classic American menu of burgers, shakes, pancakes, waffles, sandwiches, fries and coffee. Do try their Chocolate Trifecta Shake served in a unique boot-shaped glass!



Walk back into time when you step into this vintage restaurant.

You’ll feel as though you’ve been transported into your younger days of dating at Nebula Restaurant.

Beautifully decorated with one-of-a-kind artifacts and designed specially by a Balinese artist, you’ll be amazed at the details that are put into every nook and cranny of this eatery.


Besides serving up great brunch, Nebula also recently added a Thai section to their menu.

A stomach-satisfying dish that will leave you craving for more is the Khao Pad Moo Krob – Thai fried rice with crispy pork belly slices stir-fried together, topped with a fried egg and served with prawn crackers, for IDR 58,000 ($4.50).

dekuta food collage

And if you’d like a place to chill, Nebula’s upper deck provides just the space for that.

1. Nebula Room - Upperdeck at sunset and juice collage

Furnished with beanbags atop artificial grass, it’s just the place at sunset to fully enjoy the myriad of colours beaming across the whole of Kuta, before dusk hits.

Enjoy one of their signature juices – triple berry – a concoction of raspberries, strawberries and blueberries for IDR 45,000 ($3.50) or even a mixture of Banana, Passionfruit and Mango at IDR 35,000 ($2.70).

If you love live music, join the Friday Live Acoustic Sessions and sway along to the sound of talented locals. You can request a song or two from them!

Nebula Restaurant is also open for bookings for private events such as birthday parties, engagement parties and even baby showers.

If you’re looking for a place with good food or chill vibes, this is definitely the place to be at.

10. Do your shopping at the 100% genuine fake shop

Struggling to find a good buy on the streets of Bali without feeling being ripped off?

One shop in Kuta promises that none of the products from the range of brands that they carry is genuine – their products are genuinely fake!

5. genuine fake shop via Pinterest by FraniPeni

Photo via: Pinterest by Frani Peni

Head on to the 100% genuine fake shop, one of the must-dos in Bali, and catch a few of your favourite branded buys, just for the fun of it.

Unlike street stalls, haggling is strictly not allowed, so don’t attempt it or you might just get chased out with a broom!

5. Genuine Fake Shop

The owner even offers a pick up service if you can’t find his shop – talk about great customer service.

11. Drive through Bali’s picturesque toll bridge

Travelling in Bali can get taxing as traffic jams are a common occurrence.

But in an attempt to speed up travel time, a new toll bridge, Bali Mandara, has been built.

6. Bali Mandara by jakpost.travel

Photo via: Jackpost Travel

Boasting of a view that’s different from the usual narrow and busy Bali city streets, the long drive along this bridge provides a breathtaking view of the sea, and the best of nature.

6. Bali Mandra by baliairport.net

Photo via: Bali Airport

There’s even a special lane for motorcycles and bicycles!

6. Bali Mandra - Bikes by jakpost.travel

Photo via: Jackpost Travel

You don’t have to worry about getting into a jam because the expressway is generally clear, but if you do encounter one, the next best thing to do?

Stare at the beautiful view and dream the day away.

12. Cruise down Kuta in style with vintage rides

If your heart is stuck in the ‘80s, you’ll love this opportunity to rent a vintage vehicle and ride in style around the streets of Kuta.

8. Vintage ride at kuta collage via Flickr by balithecreativesojourn.wordpress.com, solewalker.wordpress.com

Photo via: Flickr by Bali The Creative So Journ and Sole Walker

Not to mention that Kuta’s the in place for such vintage vehicles, with various sightings of these old beauties around the area!

So walk on and spot some antique drives that are worth Instagramming!


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