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Bali is Paradise Island in a beautiful world

Bali is Paradise Island in a beautiful world

Bali is Paradise Island in a beautiful world

Bali is a great choice for most of the people who decide to spend their vacation in an exotic place usually do that to relax and refill their energy supply and, undoubtedly. A large number of travelers who visited this beautiful island can confirm that Bali isn’t referred to as Paradise Island without a reason.

Legend says that the island of Bali was created by gods themselves: nature and atmosphere of the island are worthy of the gods. This place will enchant you with its fascinating Hindu temples and the art of wooden sculptures.

Charms of Bali villages

Besakih roofs - Bali, IndonesiaWhen you come to Bali, you shouldn’t skip visiting the village of Bangli, which is Bali’s highest habited spot. You will also be amused by the village of Besakih, where you will find colorful and vivid local fruit markets and your attention will probably be caught by beautiful girls dressed in sarongs with gorgeous flowers in their hair.

Besakih full of colors - Bali, Indonesia









In this village, you’ll be able to visit a Hindu temples complex. Each of the temples is dedicated to one Hindu deity. These are Ganesh, Shiva and Vishnu.

You should also check Goa Lawah (Bat temple), which is actually a cave full of bats. Klungung is another place worth of your visit, since it’s the capital of the province where the royal palace was built. Nowadays, king is not a resident of the palace and it is the Mayor’s office.

Meet Bali culture in Denpasar

Denpasar is a town which offers a wide variety of tourist attractions, such as musical performances which metaphorically show the fight between good and evil. Visitors are usually impressed by barong (dog-lion) and workshops of batik (special dying technique). During these workshops, tourists may get to know everything about technique:

  • preparation process,
  • procedure of wax applying to the cloth in the form of various shapes
  • final touch which will make the dyed cloth look stunning.
 Ulun Danu Temple

Ulan Danu Temple - Bali, Indonesia


Everyone who is planning to visit Bali should not forget to visit Ulun Danu temple, which is located on an islet, next to volcanic lake of Bratan, on the altitude of 1200 meters.

Temple is a part of the complex building built in 17th century in the honor of Dewi Danu, goddess of water and it looks fascinating.

 Nights out in Bali

For those enjoying the rush, Kuta is an ideal place. As a totally touristic place, it offers bustling atmosphere and lots of awesome places for shopping, especially in the main street, Jalan Legian.

If you also are a lover of nights out, you will be thrilled by Kuta, which is full of cafes and bars where you can experience the charms of Indonesian music, accompanied by geckos, which are completely harmless domestic animals.

Gecko - Bali, Indonesia


Bali inhabitants

Most of the visitors of this beautiful island state that the spirit of Bali wouldn’t be the same without local people,who cannot be easily found on tourist

Children in Kuta - Bali, Indonesia


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